Mendip AC – The Beginning

Mendip AC was founded in July 2003. The needs of senior athletes in and around the Mendip region were adequately met by long-established clubs – from Weston in the West to Frome in the East. High-profile successes for British athletes had fuelled a resurgence in interest in athletics amongst juniors and while most athletics clubs had junior sections few could meet the demand. And so it was against this backdrop that the idea for a new ‘junior athletics focused’ club came about.

The inaugural training session for the club was held on 8th July 2003 at Elmhurst School – Street. 52 athletes attended that evening and the club had it’s first 27 members – Mendip AC was born!

For a more up to date overview of the Club try and find time to look at our draft club development plan.

Since the inauguration of the Club we had been looking to fill the post of an Honorary President but wanted a special person who would represent all that is good about Junior Athletics and following enquiries and discussions we had in early 2007 we were able to announce in March 2007 that Jason Gardener M.B.E had agreed to be our honorary president. It is worth waiting for the best!

Mendip AC – Athletics Welfare

There is an increasing awareness of the issues associated with Athletics Welfare and in particular concerns about the way children could be treated by adults who have temporary responsibility for them, whether by abuse or neglect.

Recent work undertaken on behalf of UK Athletics and AAA of England has resulted in policy and procedures in Athletics Welfare. As well as covering child protection these also cover the issues of sexual harassment and racism which are equally destructive.

Mendip AC take Athletics Welfare very seriously and implement the AAA of England policy to the best of its ability. In particular:

  • The club has a Welfare Officer, currently Emily Waring  who oversees all athletics welfare issues
  • All coaches, coaching assistants, officials, team managers and helpers are subject to comprehensive police checks
  • All coaches, coaching assistants and officials are registered with UK Athletics
  • Parent/carer consent forms are maintained for all junior athletes who train or compete with the club – these provide emergency contact information and notification of any special medical conditions for the athlete