South West League:

These events are at the centre of our club’s development of the young athletes.  We would strongly urge all parents of  young athletes for the U13 agegroup and above to book these dates early into their diaries so that the children can have the experience of taking part

There are 4 league events + a cup.  They take place on a Sunday.

Sun 11     May     SWAL(1),        Par, Cornwall.  (programme B)

Sun 6      July     SWAL(2),       Millfield. (programme A)

Sun 20   July     SWAL(3),        Plymouth  (programme B)

Sun 3      Aug      SWAL Cup,    Exeter (TBC)

Sun 7      Sept      SWAL(4),       Yeovil.

The club will organise transport for Par, Plymouth and Exeter. Parents are encouraged to join us.

Each event follows either an (A) programme or a (B) programme (click to print a copy) SOUTH WEST ATHLETICS LEAGUE 2014 Programme A and B

The young athletes have a great social time and develop confidence in a very friendly and family orientated competiton.  Parents are also encouraged to participate in events.  The parents who have participated in the past have all enjoyed doing so – talk to them about it. Participating is a very important ethos to our club – coming last is encouraged because it will almost always accumulate vital points for the club and parents who participate as ‘competitors’ demonstrate to our young people that taking part is more important than winning and make it ‘OK’ for our youngsters to ‘have a go’ and not be ashamed at their performances.  Parents often also help with officiating which is an easy way to support the club. Talk to parents who already do this.   We offer a number of awards and prizes at our Annual General Meeting in October to the atheletes (see our awards section for previous year awards) who accumulate points across the SWAL events 1 -4.    The prizes therefore reward most the athletes who participate in all the SWAL events.

Club Prizes in October are awarded as follows:

•By Age Group : U13 boys / U13 girls / U15 boys / U15 girls / U17 boys / U17 girls/ U20 men / U20 women
•based on points accumulated (an athlete will collect points for any placing in the 1st 14 positions in any event they take part in at a SWAL competition)
•the first three positions in any age group at the end of the league season are rewarded as follows
•3rd  –  £10 voucher
•2nd –  £20 voucher
•1st  –  Champion’s Award + £30 voucher
Overall Champion Award + £30 voucher (the athlete with the highest number of points across all age groups)
In 2014 there will be a new prize for the age group TEAM that accumulates the greatest number of league points
(in 2013 our U15 girls team came 2nd in the league with 26 league points)
PLEASE NOTE :  Our team managers are volunteers and do not want to spend their evenings trying to chase up parents – please put these events in your diary

Be proactive – let your Team Manager know asap by phone, email or at training which events you will / will not be able to attend – see below :

Charlotte Scriven      (U13G)                01934 712248    

Nathan Keene            (U13B)                 07776 64987     

Marc Braddock         (U15G)                 07768 250669   

Ian Humphreys        (U15B)                  07985 160526  

Pippa Poore               (U17W)                 07983429114   

Peter Grosjean         (U20W/SW)         07885694465  



Area Schools:

The area athletics championships leading into the Somerset Schools Athletics Championships will commence shortly.

The dates for these are as follows:

Weds 7      May      Taunton Area Schools Championships, King’s Taunton (TBC)

Thurs 8     May    Sedgemoor Area Schools  Championships, Taunton (TBC)

Mon 19      May   Mendip Area Schools Championships, Millfield

Weds 21    May    Yeovil Area Schools Championships, Yeovil


Mendip AC is NOT able to enter athletes for these competitions. Therefore if athletes want to take part it’s essential that they go and see their Head of PE to ensure that they are entered. If Heads of PE say they don’t know anything about this or won’t enter athletes it’s best for Parents/Guardians to contact the school. As a last resort please contact Pete Grosjean (see above)